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Professional Tree Removal Service Fresno

Sometimes, a tree may become damaged or pose a potential danger to humans, animals, and property.
Whether it’s an old dead tree in the middle of your garden or a diseased tree that has grown too close to the house, there will come a time when you need to consider removing it completely. And the longer you wait, the greater the risk of damage or harm caused by falling branches and root systems becoming more invasive.
When trees are not maintained correctly, they can cause damage to your home or yard with their falling branches and debris. In some cases, these can also be hazardous to your safety by blocking a path and creating dangerous obstructions. If you don’t take action, an unmanaged tree can result in costly repairs or replacement bills for your damaged possessions.

Tree removal should be taken seriously and is best done with professional help from qualified arborists. They have an in-depth knowledge of trees, their biology, and anatomy, as well as local regulations concerning the type of trees you can have removed. They also use high safety standards with all removals, so you can rest assured knowing any work they do is completed safely, quickly, and professionally – minimizing disruption to your landscape and life. When considering having some tree work done for whatever reason, always trust professionals who are adequately equipped and trained for the job.

An excavator is digging up a pile of wood in need of tree removal services.

Our tree removal services at Mag Engineering are the perfect solution to remove unwanted trees from your property safely and on time. Our experienced arborists will work carefully to remove the tree without causing any unnecessary upset to your landscape or potential damage to your home. We offer free residential tree removal estimates, so you know exactly what’s required for the job before it begins. Get in touch today for more information!

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The Importance of Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is an essential part of keeping your property healthy. By inspecting your trees, pruning branches and limbs as necessary, and even removing dead or diseased trees, you can help ensure your trees stay strong and beautiful for years. Regular tree maintenance also helps prevent safety hazards by eliminating potential obstructions or damaged branches that could harm people or property. Taking care of your trees ensures they remain a valuable asset to you and the environment while protecting the health of surrounding areas.

When trees are not maintained correctly, they can cause damage to your home or yard with their falling branches and debris. In some cases, these can also be hazardous to your safety by blocking a path and creating dangerous obstructions. If you don’t take action, an unmanaged tree can result in costly repairs or replacement bills for your damaged possessions.

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Reasons For Tree Removal

  1. The tree has dying branches or is dead. 
  2. It is infected with a fatal disease or pest. 
  3. It has invasive root systems that are damaging pavement or property structures.
  4. Its trunk has become hollow or damaged by storms, sunburn, weather conditions, etc.
  5. To extract healthy trees from the path of an infected species.
  6. The tree is too close to power lines and could create a risk of electric discharge if touched.
  7. It is growing too close to your home.
A professional excavator is carefully removing a tree in front of a house.

Factors That Affect Tree Removal Costs

Several factors can affect the price of tree removal.

Type Of Tree

The type of tree can significantly affect the cost of its removal. Certain species are more difficult to remove than others, and their size and weight can mean taking them down takes longer. Softwoods such as pine, fir, and spruce are typically easier to remove than hardwoods like oak, ash, and maple due to their lighter weight. Trees with thicker trunks or in difficult-to-access areas can also cost more as extra safety precautions may be needed.

A picture of a bulldozer and a dump truck engaged in tree removal services.

Size of the Tree

The size of the tree is one of the most influential factors when determining the cost of tree removal. The larger the tree, the more difficult it is to remove, which results in increased labor time and cost. Generally speaking, trees over 50 feet tall may be considered “large” trees. These larger trees require specialized equipment and highly trained personnel depending on the situation and surrounding environment they are being removed from, dramatically increasing their costs. While smaller trees also need a significant amount of effort in terms of safety protocols when removing them but are typically much easier to handle.

 Condition Of The Tree

Another influential factor when determining the price for tree removal is the tree’s condition. If the tree is healthy, the price will typically be less than if it were diseased or weakened. For instance, a healthy upright tree without signs of rot, mildew, or bark damage will be easier and faster to remove, resulting in a lower cost. On the other hand, if there are large dead branches or weak spots due to disease/pests, it will take more time for experienced personnel to remove them from the surrounding area safely. Dead trees can be dangerous to remove but are even more dangerous to keep on your property. Because of the job’s dangerous nature, the average removal cost will be higher.

Location of The Tree Being Removed

The exact location of the tree will play a big role in how much it costs to remove. Tree removal services take into account several factors, including the height of the tree, its age and condition, and any obstacles or challenges associated with getting to the tree or removing it safely. Trees that are located in convenient access points such as existing driveways or open yards are usually less expensive than trees that require additional labor and specialized equipment to reach. The size and overhanging branches of your tree also influence the cost of removal; taller trees may require special tools for safe and efficient removal.

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Is It Necessary To Remove The Tree Stump?

Removing a tree stump is integral to the tree removal process, though it is not always necessary. In some cases, such as trees that are structurally weak or diseased, leaving a stump can cause further damage to surrounding structures or create physical hazards in the area. When attempting stump removal, it is vital to ensure you do so without damaging any other area of your yard; for instance, if roots extend below ground level, they should be split apart with an axe or saw before being eradicated. Furthermore, when removing the root ball or trunk from its location, best practice dictates that it be placed on its side or back to minimize debris.

A yellow excavator providing tree removal services by digging a hole in a yard.
A picture of a bulldozer performing tree removal services.

Fallen Tree Removal

Fallen tree removal is important for keeping your property safe and operational. It can be a difficult and dangerous job, so it is often best left to a professional service since they are well-equipped with the right tools and safety procedures to handle this kind of job correctly. Not only will they have the right tools and know-how, but a professional fallen tree removal service will also clean up after they’ve done their work, leaving you with nothing to worry about but enjoying the newly cleared area.

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If you’re a homeowner concerned about a tree on your personal property or someone who owns a commercial property, Mag Engineering can help! Whether you need a single tree taken down or several hazardous trees removed, we offer individualized tree services to ensure we get the job done right.

Benefits Of Tree Removal Services

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