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Fresno Swimming Pool Removal Services

Are you a homeowner looking to demolish an old pool?

At Mag Engineering, we make the process of removing your unwanted swimming pool simple and stress-free. Our expert technicians are skilled in swimming pool demolition, and they guarantee safety throughout the process. We use industry-leading tools and methods to remove your pool quickly and thoroughly. Plus, we haul away all debris afterward!

With our pool demolition services, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We can help free up space in your backyard while also improving the value of your property.

We handle all aspects of in-ground swimming pool removal to ensure quality, workmanship, and satisfaction from start to finish. We provide comprehensive and accurate quotes so you know exactly how much it will cost to demolish your pool. We will dig it up and haul it out!

Contact us today at Mag Engineering for more information on our services and to schedule an appointment!

An excavator is being used for pool removal, as it digs up a swimming pool.

Common Reasons for Swimming Pool Demolition

Removing an unused or unwanted swimming pool can be a difficult decision for homeowners to make. However, there are a variety of reasons why someone might choose to remove their pool rather than fix or repair it.

A picture of a swimming pool undergoing demolition and removal.

1. Structural Failure of The Pool

When a pool is not properly maintained, it can lead to structural failure. This includes the erosion of the foundation or support system as well as the corrosion of metals from constant exposure to chlorine and other chemicals in the water.

Poor construction, use of incompatible materials, or poor maintenance can also cause structural failure, resulting in an unsafe environment for swimmers. Pool removal may become necessary if the structure is damaged beyond repair and deemed unsafe for use.

2. Mounting Costs

Owning an in-ground pool can become quite expensive, and the costs can quickly add up over time. This includes costs for maintenance, such as chemicals, repairs, and cleaning. Additionally, you may need to invest in safety features such as fences and covers. With pool ownership, insurance premiums can rise substantially as pools carry a higher liability risk than most other items in your home.

In addition, the time it takes to clean a pool regularly can lead to fatigue and dissatisfaction with owning one. All of these mounting costs are making homeowners consider getting rid of their pool altogether – leading many to seek swimming pool removal services.

3. The Pool Isn’t Used

If your pool isn’t being used anymore, there’s no sense in keeping it. Swimming pools require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, so if your family isn’t using it, continuing to maintain it can be costly and impractical.

4. Takes Up Too Much Space

If your pool is taking up too much space in your backyard, it may be best to remove it. Whether you have a small backyard or you’re dreaming of a luscious backyard garden, sometimes the pool you once loved is no longer practical. If your pool is taking up precious space, we can help!

Our team at Mag Engineering is ready to take on projects of any size. We have the equipment and experience to give you your backyard back.

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Top Reasons To Remove Your Pool

1. Increased Home Value

Removing a swimming pool from your property can provide many benefits, but one of the main reasons people choose to do so is to increase their home’s value. Not only are pools expensive to maintain and prone to damage over time, but they also can detract from a home’s overall aesthetic.

2. Lower Insurance Rates

Pool removal can result in drastic decreases in your homeowner’s insurance rates, as pools are deemed risky by most insurers. The safety factor here is increased greatly when those who are more prone to injury, such as the elderly or small children, will no longer be at risk of harm.

A palm-fringed oasis with a swimming pool.
A picture of pool demolition in progress at a construction site.

Pool Removal Process

How Long Does The Demolition Process Take?

The length of time required for pool removal varies depending on the size and type of the pool. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to remove an in-ground swimming pool.

The process typically involves excavating and removing the concrete or fiberglass structure, which may require heavy machinery and specialized labor. Other tasks may involve filling in and leveling off the area with soil, disposing of any debris leftover from the demolition, grading the new terrain with topsoil, and restoring landscaping features such as sprinklers and turf, if applicable.

What Is The Process For Pool Removal?

Pool removal is a complex, labor-intensive process that involves draining all the water in the pool, excavating the soil below the pool to safely remove every piece of equipment, and piping connecting it to the main plumbing.

Depending on the type of pool, this includes cutting through concrete or other surfaces to separate it from adjoining surfaces, such as patios. After everything has been disassembled and safely removed, we will fill any holes with soil before covering them up with sod or asphalt.

Any remaining materials such as concrete are disposed of properly according to local regulations.

Are Intereted In Pool Demolition Contractors?

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Why Choose Us?

Knowledge is a powerful tool when it comes to in-ground pool removal. Contractors who specialize in this type of work understand the construction process and how to safely dismantle a swimming pool. This includes knowing how to handle reinforced concrete, underground electrical and water lines, and other components that make up the pool structure.

At Mag Engineering, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor that provides our customers with confidence and peace of mind that they are hiring a responsible, reliable, and trustworthy pool demolition contractor.

We have the expertise to make your pool vanish. We can assess the situation and determine the most effective way to remove your swimming pool without damaging any surrounding structures. With our knowledge, we will ensure all safety protocols are met during the demolition process.

After we demolish your pool, we will haul away the mess and get your back to being your yard as quickly as possible.

A pool with lounge chairs and a view of the ocean, now requiring pool demolition contractors for pool removal.
A picture of a swimming pool undergoing demolition by experienced pool demolition contractors.

Our Other Services

At Mag Engineering, we specialize in a variety of demolition contractor services. In addition to swimming pool demolition, we also offer interior demolition, and residential and building demos. We also provide tree and debris removal services, hauling, construction cleanup, and a variety of other services.

If you’re in need of a construction contractor, give us a shout!

Benefits Of Pool Demolition Contractors

Hiring a demolition contractor service can be a wise decision for any project, big or small. Their experience and expertise can help ensure that the job is completed quickly, safely, and correctly. 

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Demolition contractors have the tools and equipment required to complete the job quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.

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Demolition contractors are familiar with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding demolition, ensuring that the project is completed in compliance with all applicable laws.

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Demolition contractors have the knowledge and expertise required to handle all types of demolition projects, from small residential buildings to large commercial structures.