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Who Are We?

Founded in 2016, MAG Engineering, Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and insured general engineering company that specializes in demolition and excavation. With an emphasis in the demolition industry, MAG has developed its purpose to get an age-old trade, a refined and modern approach based on relationships, professionalism, and safety.

The founder Marco A Gonzalez (MAG….get it yet? lol) set out to form a company that was more than just “smash”. MAG has performed jobs in all sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, health care, and public works. With an absolute emphasis on relationships, MAG has quickly gained the trust and momentum within the Central Valley construction and development industry. With its excellent safety record and strong bonding capabilities, MAG can step in as a general contractor when called upon in both private and public sectors.

MAG prides itself on its people and the skills and expertise they poses. Timely and profitable go without saying, the attitude it gets done with makes us different.

Mag Engineering offers top-notch demolition services in Scottsdale, Arizona.
A group of excavators from mag engineering parked in the dirt.

MAG Engineering Goals

MAG Engineering is a full-service demolition and excavation company located in Fresno, California, specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial demolition. 

At MAG Engineering, our mission is to provide quality demolition and excavation services that respect the environment and the safety of the surrounding community. 

At MAG Engineering, our vision is to be the premier demolition company in the industry. We strive to provide top-notch services that exceed customer expectations and ensure safety for all involved.

Our Gallery

Take a peek at our gallery to see what we’ve been working on! 

A group of people in yellow vests, demonstrating their mag engineering skills, standing in front of trucks.
Demolition of a house using mag engineering techniques with an excavator.
A fleet of red trucks parked in a parking lot.
A plethora of trailers in a parking lot, showcasing MAG Engineering excellence.
A truck is parked next to a tree that has been cut down for mag engineering purposes.
A bulldozer is efficiently working on a dirt road, utilizing advanced mag engineering techniques.
A tennis court transformed into a magnificent engineering playground with a pile of wood incorporated for innovative constructions.

Blogs & News

Take a look at our blogs & news, where we post demolition-related content and current projects.  

An excavator is digging a hole.

Hayward Commercial Corner

Excavation projects can be tedious and complex. Tasked with a job of over-excavating and importing 5,000 cubic yards of material, plus compaction, the job would require great attention to detail while working in a tight location.

Working in a space-limited location is hard enough, but having it completed on time, safely, and with precision requires an engineering team you can trust.

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A group of excavators parked in a dirt field.

Riverstone Housing Development

Clearing land is an incredibly time-consuming and expensive task. Removing trees, excavating the roots and hauling away the remaining materials can take days or even weeks to complete, with the costs associated often being high.

With MAG Engineering, you get reliable and trustworthy land clearing services with industry leading levels of expertise. Our team of experts help create the perfect environment needed to build new housing developments, while being space-conscious and ensuring environmental regulations are met.

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An excavator is being used to dig up a building.

City of Clovis Fire Station

Clovis California is growing rapidly and with that comes the construction of a new fire station. This means an old fire station has to make way for the new.

Demolition projects can be long, drawn-out processes, resulting in costly downtime. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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