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Mag Engineering | Demolitions Contractors in Fresno, Ca

Are you in the Central Valley and in need of professional demolition contractor services?

Look no further than Mag Engineering! Our team of professional contractors is committed to providing a safe, efficient, and cost-effective service. We strive to meet the needs of all our customers, both residential and commercial, and provide reliable customer service that ensures satisfaction.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to demolish an old shed or a business owner needing to remove an entire structure, we have the equipment and expertise to ensure your job gets done safely, on time, and within budget. Our experienced demolition contractors focus on safety, quality, and efficiency for every job.

Contact Mag Engineering today for your professional demolition services!

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The Benefits of Hiring a Demolition Contractor

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  1. Expertise and Professionalism

A demolition contractor has the skills, experience, and knowledge to safely and swiftly perform demolition work safely and efficiently. Hiring a demolition contractor will provide you with quality results that can save time and money compared to DIY demolition.

2. Insurance & Permits

When you hire a demolition contractor, they will take care of all essential insurance and permits needed for the job. They are experienced in acquiring all permits from the local municipalities or other relevant authorities for asbestos removal, foundation excavation, or any other specific requirement for your project.

3. Quality Equipment

Demolition contractors have access to the highest-quality equipment available on the market, so they can work quickly without compromising safety or quality of results ranging from industrial machinery like Bobcats right through to hand-held tools such as hammers, chisels, and grinders.


4. Safety Precautions

Reputable demolition contractors know exactly how to safely dismantle buildings while protecting surrounding property, workers, neighbors, and yourself from dust particles or excessive noise levels that could be caused by the process of demolishing a building or structure.

5. Cleanup Services

Hiring a professional demolition contractor usually also includes hauling away debris and providing hauling services offsite for another layer of convenience for their clients compared with DIY Site cleanup, which can be tricky, especially if there’s no nearby waste collection site.

6. Waste Disposal & Recycling Services

With DIY projects, you must worry about disposing the demolition waste after the job is finished. You may find yourself needing to dispose of hazardous materials like Asbestos fibers that can potentially harm you and anyone that comes into contact with them. However, when hiring a professional, you have peace of mind all materials will be disposed of properly. 

7. Cost-Effective Solutions

Professional demolition services often help homeowners avoid costly mistakes caused by inexperience. Many don’t consider crucial risk assessments before committing a task to action, always resulting in more effort unnecessarily expended due to trial erroring.

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Detailed Overview of the Different Types of Services Offered by Demolition Contractors Like Mag Engineering

Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition is the process of bringing down and removing buildings intended for commercial use (such as factories, warehouses and office buildings). It also involves clearing away any surrounding structure such as old roads, pathways and other infrastructure from the area. This type of demolition often follows building repairs or renovations, or is required due to environmental regulations. To ensure that the job is carried out safely and effectively, it is typically performed by experienced demolition contractors who have access to the right machinery and expertise.

Residential Demolition

Residential demolition is the process of tearing down a home in order to clear space for new construction. This type of demolition requires permits and involves the removal of both the framework and utility connections of a home, as well as cleaning up debris from the site. This includes foundation removal, hauling away building materials such as wood, sheetrock and non-structural components, disconnecting all electrical and plumbing systems, removing any hazardous materials accordingly, and proper disposal or reuse of hazardous material left over from the project. Residential demolitions preserve community safety by ensuring that old structures are cleared before new ones can be built on their foundations.

Industrial Demolition

Industrial demolition is the process of decommissioning and deconstructing industrial land and buildings. This could include structural deconstruction, removal of heavy machinery, hazardous material management, and responsible disposal of building materials. Industrial demolition requires specialized skills such as technological knowledge, safety consciousness, engineering expertise and most importantly a high degree of professionalism. Another important factor in industrial demolition is the use of modern and advanced methods to reduce noise pollution, manage dust or other environmental issues that could impact nearby people or the site itself.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is the act of carefully dismantling or demolishing parts of a structure while leaving the surrounding areas intact. Selective demolition can be used to remove only specified portions of a building, or it may include razing a whole building and only preserving some elements. This type of demolition is very careful and precise, as it leaves other structures standing. It’s often used to remove portions of a building that are unsafe or no longer needed for further construction and development projects.

Structural Demolition

Structural demolition is the process of breaking down larger structures such as buildings, bridges, and other complex infrastructure. Demolition crews use specialized tools and methods to carefully deconstruct these structures in a safe manner that ensures no harm is done to the surrounding environment or people. This is an important part of construction, building repair, and urban revitalization projects. Structural demolition is not something that should be attempted without proper training; it requires expertise to properly assess potential risks and dangers before any activities are performed.

Examples of Projects that Demolition Contractors Typically Handle

Demolition contractors typically handle projects such as demolishing and clearing residential and commercial buildings, preparing jobsites for new construction, bridge abatement, debris removal from vacant lots and more. Demolition contractors may also be responsible for soil remediation, asbestos removal and hazardous waste disposal during the demolition process of an existing structure.
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Steps to Take When Selecting a Reputable Demolition Contractor in Fresno, Ca

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There are a lot of demolition contractors out there, and it can be hard to find one you trust and that fits your budget. When selecting a reputable demolition contractor in Fresno, CA you should consider their experience in your local community, the size of their business and staff, as well as what type of services they offer. Here are five steps to follow when selecting a reputable demolition contractor in Fresno, CA.

Verify Their Certification and Licensing

Before signing any contracts or agreements with a demolition contractor, ensure that they have all required certifications and licensing for the job. You will want to verify that the contractor has liability insurance as well as workers compensation insurance to protect you from unexpected expenses or liabilities if there is an accident on your job site.

Interview the Contractor’s References

When selecting any service provider—especially with destructive work like demolitions—it’s important to ask for references from past clients. A good demolition company should be able to provide you with contact information for at least two or three satisfied clients who had similar jobs done by them. Speak with these references directly so you can get an idea of how experienced they are and what kind of results they delivered on time and within budget.

Check Online Reviews & Ratings

A quality demolition contractor should have good reviews online from people who have used their services. It’s essential to check both consumer review sites, such as Yelp! And BBB (Better Business Bureau) and professional-level industry boards like AGC (Associated General Contractors). Reading through customer comments and complaints can give you more insight into what the client experience was like working with them before.

Ensure Insurance Coverage & Worker’s Comp

Professional demolitions usually involve hazardous materials requiring specialized equipment handled by trained professionals; these hazards come with serious risks for workers and property damage risks for owners/operators if not adequately taken care of during work. Therefore, your chosen contractor must provide evidence of a valid certificate of insurance coverage before starting any work on-site. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure the on-site crew meets all safety requirements (personal protective gear, etc.)

Get Multiple Bids & Check Prices

Before committing yourself to a company, getting a few estimates is wise so you have options based on budgetary constraints. This includes checking competitive prices offered by other companies side by side, as some offers might contain discounts, free consultations, sliding fee scales, or other add-ons attached to packages. Furthermore, it’s better to discuss all details directly with potential contractors over the phone.

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Mag Engineering | Making Demolition Safety A Top Priority

Mag Engineering is a demolition engineering and safety consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses implement safe and efficient demolitions and excavations. Their services include engineering assessments and designs, consultation on policies related to demolition safety, management of demolition projects to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and regulations, and training for workers involved in the demolition process. By providing these services, Mag Engineering strives to help its clients reduce the risk of injury or harm associated with demolitions while optimizing their efficiency.
A demolition contractor is using an excavator to remove debris from a house.

Requirements For Class A Demolition Contractors In California

Class A demolition contractors in California are required to have a special set of qualifications to ensure the safety of their workers and the public. Of course, Mag Engineering has meticulously attained these certifications and ensured all staff is trained to the highest standards as defined by the State of Calinfina. To become Class A certified Demolition Contractor, you must complete the below requirements:
The demolition of a large building with a crane and a bulldozer.

Demolition Contractors MSHA Certification

Demolition contractors in California must be MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) certified, which involves taking a four-part exam that covers blasting, explosives engineering and mines theory. This certification is mandatory for any contractor handling explosives on an industrial site in California.

Demolition Contractors OSHA Certification

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all demolition contractors to obtain OSHA 30 or OSHA 10 certifications for any projects involving hazardous environments or moving machinery. They can do this by attending an approved training program from OSHA Training Institute Education Centers located throughout the state.

Demolition Contractors State Licensure

In order to operate legally, Class A demolition contractors in California must be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. To get a license, they need to submit proof that they have completed educational coursework specific to their practice areas, passed at least two exams related to business management and trades practices, completed community service hours and submitted valid bonds and proof of financial responsibility.

Demolition Contractors Insurance Requirements

Demolition contractors operating in California must carry applicable insurance policies that meet state requirements for each project they work on. This includes general liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance policy in case of any accidents while on site. The state also requires that employers provide substantial medical benefits if a worker gets injured on the job site by covering hospital stays, medical procedures and lost wages during recovery time up until full recovery takes place.

Demolition Contractors | Commercial Driver’s License

Demolition contractors may need to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) depending upon their scope of work or if they plan on operating large vehicles such as fire trucks or cranes over public roads or private property. In addition to obtaining a CDL lesson from authorized driving schools or truck driving schools located across the state, applicants must pass both written tests as well as practical tests conducted at test sites prior to getting licensed by DMV California offices operating across the state.

Benefits Of Demolition Contractor Service

Hiring a demolition contractor service can be a wise decision for any project, big or small. Their experience and expertise can help ensure that the job is completed quickly, safely, and correctly. 

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Demolition contractors have the tools and equipment required to complete the job quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.

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Demolition contractors are familiar with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding demolition, ensuring that the project is completed in compliance with all applicable laws.

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Demolition contractors have the knowledge and expertise required to handle all types of demolition projects, from small residential buildings to large commercial structures.