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Residential Demolition Company

Ready to get the job done right? Our team has all of the necessary tools and know-how to tackle site preparations, total tear downs and beyond with a swiftness that won't keep you waiting. We can take your house back to dirt, grade for your new house pad and leave you ready for a new foundation on your brand new house! Learn More

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Commercial Demolition Company

Our experts provide unparalleled Commercial Demolition services, no matter how large or complex the project may be. From shopping malls and grocery stores to industrial warehouses and airport hangars - nothing is off-limits for our experienced team! Need something demolished in a tight space? Ready to start a TI? Or want to completely start over? We have you covered with decades of expertise on hand. Learn More

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Industrial Demolition Company

If you need large structures gone in a flash, we have the equipment and expertise to make it happen. Our experienced team is here for all your demolition needs - from power plants to agricultural silos and everything in between. Get rid of what's holding you back today with our safe, efficient service! Learn More

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Core Values are the reasons to use MAG Engineering for your DEMOLITION, EXCAVATION & GRADING Projects.


Experienced and Qualified Team

MAG Engineering is a team of experienced and qualified demolition and excavation professional engineers. We specialize in the safe removal of unwanted materials from any environment, be it residential,  commercial, or industrial. Our attention to detail ensures the safety of everyone involved in our projects, which includes not only the clients but also the surrounding property. 

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Commitment To Safety

At MAG Engineering, we prioritize the safety of our staff, clients, and the public above all else. We are steadfast in our commitment to always working with caution and maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved.

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Fast and Efficient Service

MAG Engineering offers fast and efficient service for excavation and demolition projects. With emphasis on preconstruction tasks like permitting, hazardous assessments, utility coordination, and more, we ensure your project starts before our equipment ever shows up onsite. Our experienced team members are committed to offering reliable solutions with minimal downtime for your excavation or demolition needs.

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Trusted Demolition Company

MAG Engineering your trusted central valley demolition company based in Fresno, California. We're here to build a relationship based on ethics and trust. Communication and transparency are the pillars of trust.

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On-Time Project Completion

Mag Engineering has the experience and resources to efficiently complete all types of demolition in Fresno, Ca quickly and on-time. We understand how vital it is for projects to stay within the timeline and are dedicated to providing the best service possible with minimal disruption

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Modern Twist

MAG Engineering prides itself on being a modern professional contractor in a field of work that has traditionally been seen as "Rough & Tough". We take todays need for professionalism and combine it with the GRIT to tackle on any job.

A Few of our Valued Customers

Services Provided By Mag Engineering

Central California's Premier Grading, Excavation, and Demolition Contractor

Service Page: Demolition Services in the middle of a city.

Demolition Contractor Services

MAG Engineering is a demolition contractor services company that provides specialized services for demolition projects of all sizes and complexities to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Mag Engineering specializes in the efficient demolition of houses using state-of-the-art excavators.

Residential Demolition

MAG Engineering provides safe and efficient home demolition services for residential properties, offering homeowners a reliable and effective solution to their home demolition needs.

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Excavation Contractor

Have you ever seen the beginning phases of a construction project? From the first digging of the earth to the last pipe laid, it takes a knowledgeable, experienced contractor to ensure that every job is done right. Excavation contractors are crucial in any successful construction project, providing a wide range of services and specialized equipment to get the job done.

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Tree Removal Services

There are times when a tree may become damaged or start to pose a potential danger to humans, animals, and property. Or they're simply in the way of something new.

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Site Preparation

MAG Engineering provides comprehensive site preparation services, specializing in land leveling, grading, soil excavation, buried debris removal, and engineered fill to ensure that job sites are ready for construction.

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Land Clearning

MAG Engineering offers land clearing services to clients in need of repurposing larger portions of land. Orchard or crop removal for new development is a common need. And MAG can get it done even with the most stringent root removal specifications.

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Interior Demolition Contractors

We are interior demolition contractors providing safe and efficient removal services for residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

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Hauling Services

With a fleet of MAG owned trucks and trailers, we offer the professional hauling services to get the job done. High sides, Medium sides and concrete end dumps will haul just about any debris you want to get rid of efficiently. And the MAG heavy haul trucks can move equipment to your site at a moments notice without waiting on subhaulers.

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Building Demolition Contractors

We are Building Demolition Contractors experienced in safe and effective demolitions, using the latest technology to ensure a smooth and successful job.

Commonly Requested Services

MAG Engineering Specialty Services

In addition, MAG Engineering offers tailored services to serve the needs of Private Residential and Commercial owners, Land Developers, General Contractors and government agencies.

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Pool Demolition Contractors

Our pool demolition contractors provide fast, professional, and efficient service to help demolish and remove in-ground pools safely and securely.

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Tree Removal Service

Our tree removal service provides fast, efficient, and safe removal of trees, branches, and stumps from residential and commercial properties.

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We offer compaction services that help reduce the volume of solid materials, ensuring greater structural integrity and a firmer foundation to build on.

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Grading Construction

Our excavation company provides expert grading construction services to ensure that your property is as level and safe as possible.

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Rough Grading

Our excavation company specializes in rough grading services, providing accurate and reliable excavation, shaping, and smoothing of land for property development projects.

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Soil Compaction

Our soil compaction services provide clients with an efficient and cost-effective way to reduce soil porosity and loosen hard-packed soils, leading to improved drainage and increased stability of foundations.

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Construction Finish Grading

Our excavation contractors provide professional construction finish grading services to ensure the highest quality and most reliable results for your project.

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Dirt Removal

Our company provides fast and professional dirt removal services to help clients maintain a clean and healthy outdoor space.

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Demolition Company Serving Central California

At MAG Engineering, our team is well-equipped to tackle all of your demolition company needs. We have years of experience and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and satisfaction as a trusted demolition contractor. Our services include residential and large-scale land clearing, excavation work, and demolition clean-up. We provide our services in Fresno and surrounding areas, which include but are not limited to:

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